Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Empty Nest

Flitted the pair hither and thither
Dedicated in their endeavour
Filled the air with their twitter
Their project was no small matter

Little time had they to lose
Tugging at twigs to choose
The right place for their nest
A spot that shall be the safest

The selection over execution began
Building the nest as fast as they can
A cosy little home neatly woven
All their inborn skills got proven

Pat came the eggs as expected
And the hatching phase started
Much resembling a penance
Unbelievable is their patience

Out came the awaited nestlings
Feeble screeching hungry things
The parents rested not a moment
On endless food hunt they went

The beady eyes soon opened
A fast growth then happened
With downy feathers and tiny wings
Fluffy balls were those fledgelings

Time was ripe to venture out
Anxious moments no doubt
To guide them the parents sweated
And of dangers were they alerted

The hectic training ended
A heavy silence descended
Do birds like humans grieve
To see their children leave?

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