Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My toothache

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After many long years I had the ordeal of suffering from toothache 3 days ago. Pain-localised, severe- in the lower left row; but no apparent sign of problem. I tried my usual salt powder rubbing. Not much help. I waited for it go in 2 days if it was some food particle caught inside. 2 nights spent sleepless and in pain. Yesterday being Sunday when the pain began aggravating with me feeling out of sorts with many discomforts like nausea and belching(I suspected hypertension) there was no chance of visiting the dentist. So deciding to visit the doctor today come what may I spent another horrible sleepless night with toothache. 
 This dentist chair frightening as it is ordinarily had given me very terrible, freak experiences in the past. But I had to overcome my trepidations and encouraged by my daughter's encouraging words this morning I stuffed a few thousands of rupees in the purse and took an auto to the hospital situated opp. Ramakrishna Mutt.  No waiting in the hospital. The doctor patiently examined the trouble area- I coudn't pinpoint it. After spraying an anaesthetic he tested and located about 3 teeth in a row with decay and cavity and located the worst of it which caused all the pain now. He said an x-ray for Rs.500 and consultation fee of Rs.200 was my expense. I said I am ready and asked him to proceed. What an advancement- he had the x-ray taken with me sitting in the dentist chair! The result- confirmed decay and cavity, one worst cavity infected with pus. He advised root canal treatment which is a slow phased procedure- in 4 sittings requiring 2 months to complete. And the charge around Rs.18000. Cheap alternative was extraction of the tooth and replacement with false tooth- The idea was not at all attractive to me; and he also added the false tooth had a life too(meaning will need periodical replacement). I chose the root canal treatment and confirmed if it will be painless. He said yes and added a few diet restrictions must be followed till the process was over. That sounded simple enough. So I said yes. I then told him about my impending travel plans and if we can start later. He advised me to finish the 1st part before I go to B'lore and finish the other 3 sittings after coming back. He consulted another assistant doctor over the phone and fixed an appointment for tomorrow morning 10 am. I can have normal lunch he assured. I confirmed if the procedure will be painless and leave me normal immediately.  The doctor is such a nice gentleman and I have no fears about anything going wrong or freely asking him about my doubts(too many they are!) 
The fee for the treatment: 1st sitting: Rs.7000; 2nd sitting: Rs.3500; 3rd and 4th sitting together: Rs.7000. 
He has prescribed 3 types of tablets for 5 days and assured of no more pain. What a relief! I bought the medicine in the neighbouring shop and took an auto back home. Took the 1st dose of medicine. Found immediate improvement in the pain relief measure.
My first sitting for the root canal treatment is successfully over. Hubby dropped me at the hospital entrance at 10 am and rode on to town. I waited a few minutes for the assistant doctor who did the procedure. My last night googling about root canal treatment gave very contradictory-both scary and assuring info. I took in only what was said positively and sat through the procedure with a very brave resolve with closed eyes but occasionally opening them to see what instruments went into my mouth. It was a very skillfully orchestrated process, neatly and painlessly executed. I couldn't believe that it had taken about only 15 minutes! My googling gave me the impression that it may take time anywhere between 1 to 3 hours! I reached home by auto at 11 am! 
He has asked me to come in a month to take an x-ray and see the progress in my tooth's condition and then fix a date for the 2nd sitting. He said it will be August before the thing is over.
Now I feel tired and want to take rest with a relaxed frame of mind.
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