Saturday, February 22, 2014

A day in the Mall

IndiBlogger - The Indian Blogger CommunityDuring our last to our son's house in Bangalore he took us to Phoenix Mall for the first time- we have visited many others before and there are many others yet to visit.
We first went to the Rajdhani restaurant there to have lunch. This is my favourite for I having a sweet tooth like the rich sweet items and the different array of food. I am also attracted by the unique hospitality and impeccable service there. But unfortunately none of my family members-young or old- share my liking for this Rajdhani lunch! It is time, I think, to seriously desist from dragging them there and make them suffer for my sake!
Suspecting the tummies of both the grandchildren were not full we stopped at icaco icecream parlour. Icecream is another sin I cannot resist! Forsaking my favourite butterscotch I chose for the first time Macadamia attracted by its nice colour. I had it topped with nuts- I am a nut in love with nuts. It was delicious! Simply superb! I am afraid this is going to be my favourite hereafter.
We then proceeded to the gaming zone. Spent some solid time having fun trying many games, scorching money.
Then it was time for coffee. We tasted the much acclaimed Star Bucks for the first time. The aroma of the coffee was alright but the milk consistency was watery which made it unsatisfying considering its prohibitory price. Not tempted to try again! The capuccinos and expressos in other renowned coffee shops are much better!
Taking stock of nachos and pop corn we went into a cinema hall to watch the 3-D movie, 'Lego'. The kids and we alike enjoyed the movie tremendously. It was a nice entertainer. Finished supper at KFC and drove back to home and bed.
There can be no doubt that a modern pastime choice as mall can never take the place of an invigorating outdoor trip to rural, green venues. Spending hours within the centrally air-conditioned huge enclosure of the mall leaves my lungs and head with a starved, aching discomfort. It is nice to see the happy crowds of families and 'friends' having a good time hanging around the stalls. But the urbanisation and extravagance of our lifestyle slaps in the face - not without a tinge of sadness.
Talking about sadness another observation I made was that none of the ladies, young or old, wore plaits! It looked as though the Karnataka government had passed a stringent law that ladies shall not wear plaits! Only short hair let flowing or gathered by a clip was what I could see everywhere. Cannot escape ruing- an old woman's admiration for long hair plaited beautifully and adorned with strings of fragrant  flowers is fading into a dream!
IndiBlogger - The Indian Blogger Community