Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wonder of the Era

It is awake round the clock
Its eyelids never seem to lock

Attracts man and woman equally
By far the humankind’s best ally

Fail not its long tentacles to probe
Each nook and corner of the globe

An addiction for young and old
Hooked irredeemably in its hold

Stands on fingertip the wide world
To see realms of fantasies unfurled

A fitting forum for gossip spicy
Amid gleeful absence of secrecy

A proper vehicle for all our thoughts
Listeners gathered in amicable knots

A genie waiting for our command
To fulfill any task we may demand

A sage with answers to all queries
To clear away doubts and worries

An audio-video feast of choice
Acclaimed cheerily in one voice

The best resort for rest and work alike
To learn, to earn, the best bet to strike

A companion for lonely souls to hold fast
Making cruel boredom a thing of the past

How can it belong to the neuter gender,
The internet, our new era’s best wonder?

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