Sunday, March 21, 2010

What is Fashion?

Fashion is a mirror-
It reflects day-to-day trends,
Showing man as a social animal.

Fashion is a feast -
It whets the appetite for attention,
Aided and abetted by flattery.

Fashion is a spice-
It adds variety;
Makes life's fare a delicacy.

Fashion is a molting process-
Old modes give way to new,
Reviving moods and mind-sets.

Fashion is a phenomenon-
It makes apes of men,
Prompting blind imitation.

Fashion is a wave-
It rises and falls;
There's no stopping it.

Fashion is a wind-
It is wayward and fickle,
Has no plan or principle.

Fashion is a wildfire-
It is self-created,
Burns out not put out.

Fashion is a flower-
It's first a blossoming glory,
Very soon a withered memory.

Fashion is a kaleidoscope-
It's ever-changing and enchanting
With its infinite scope.


  1. pp nga...u have addressed every angle of fashion.....good lessons to all catwalkers...;-)

  2. Such views from me usually invite more brickbats than bouquets!!!


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