Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Love

Nature, my lady love, she is:
The morning mist her fond kiss on my cheek,
The gentle breeze her soft whisper in my ear,
In flowery attire she feasts my eyes.
The flitting butterflies her flirting charms,
Her eager hands, the sea waves, appear.
Her brooks chatter with fun and laughter,
Her balmy woods caress my soul,
The stars, her eyes, wink with mischief-
An enthralled lover, I lie in bliss in her lap.


  1. ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy!!!! what a beautiful way to describe mother nature......she is everything & more to all you have said....its exactly the way i see her too...:-)....."In flowery attire she feasts my eyes" she does!! she does!!!
    Her brooks chatter exactly the way u have mentioned......ofcourse her balmy woods caress the soul....aaahaaa padikumbothey aanandam pongugirathu nga pp....very very well written....& nature beautifully painted with words!!! awesome!

  2. How lucky am I to find someone of the same wavelength as mine! Thank you, suvai!


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