Sunday, March 7, 2010

My first acquaintance with computer

At the age of forty seven( I am sixty now) I thought I am too old to learn computer application. I believed an old horse cannot be taught new tricks. But I did not want to be computer illiterate. My engineer sons also tried their best to dissipate my fears. So when a local ladies' college invited me to join a short term course on computer application for housewives I eagerly grabbed the opportunity.

I was, nevertheless, filled with fear about the computer machine which was more or less a dreadful monster in my imagination. Hence I was pleasantly surprised to find the computer very ‘tame’, obeying my commands as my fingertips played over the feather-touch keys.

I had also concluded that what the teachers spoke about computer application would be Greek and Latin to me since I had hitherto believed that computer science is for people with brilliant wits and not for average brains like mine. Here again I had been happily mistaken because the explanations my guides gave were quite clear and simple.

Oh! My joy! Computer application was not beyond my comprehension after all! It is quite natural to hesitate to speak to a stranger. But once the ice is broken the stranger becomes more familiar, more trustworthy and in course of time, an indispensable friend.

In the same manner the first step I took towards becoming computer literate kindled my curiosity making me deeply interested in the treasures the computer held for me. Not only were my fears of a generation gap developing dispelled but the spell of the computer and internet through it has made me an addict!!!

It is not only the computer that frightened me at first. My exploration into the world of technology in my acquisition of household gadgets is marked by prominent symptoms of trepidation mingled with curiosity.

About 3 decades ago the arrival of our second child made preparing batter for our daily idli, dosa in the manual stone grider became impossible with my hands being full. It must be mentioned here that I have a sort of phobia for maidservants. My peculiar ideas about hygiene and stubborn policies about self-dependency have so far successfully kept the tribe at bay.

I asked my hubby to buy a grinder machine for me. It was a very new introduction in the market. Still he complied. But had secret doubts about my capability of learning to operate it! The silent admiration in his eyes seemed to say, ’What an adventurous woman you are!’

The arrival of the third baby made the addition of another machine necessary. We bought a mixie. Later when my allergy to house dust assumed dangerous magnitude driving me to wheeze at the drop of the hat the vacuum cleaner entered our household.

Even after about ten years of its arrival into my kitchen I approach the micro-oven till today with fear. Each time I operate it my initial dread on day one remains undiminished!!!

How well has technology developed introducing so many friendly, useful gadgets for the dedicated housewife!

My discovery at the dawn of this new year is that adaptation is the essential factor behind the survival and evolution of a species. A message that is relevant in the field of human relationships and interactions too!!!

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