Saturday, March 13, 2010

Media menace

First and foremost my nature is to feel upset, absolutely shocked when something I strongly believe to be sane, good & must-be-saved, some precious values take a beating from the media. The blatant digressions from accepted norms & traditions when there is no necessity whatsoever to do so other than to create sensationalism make me MAD & SAD. A sort of utter helplessness overwhelms me. I desperately seek to clutch at a straw like a drowning person for some like-minded person’s understanding.
Having lived for too many years I have the misfortune to see vast not-so-good changes in lifestyle & society & educational system within my lifetime. Many people have jeered at me for not being able to digest modernisms.
However fast the pace of life should we not take time & energy to watch how our wards are growing? An avalanche of influences come crashing down on the impressionable minds. The elders themselves are becoming more & more money-thirsty, power-thirsty. The sacrifices are no more there. The strict disciplined respectful familial relationship is gone.
What the schools don’t teach- moral science, the parents must teach like the “bad touch”, dignity of body parts etc. The wretched media is creating an impression of modes of behaviour, dress, and language which definitely are not yet normal. This crime of projecting so many practices as being “normal”, “the in-thing” is what I consider criminal, unforgivable.
We are in general sinking into a lethargic mood, an insensitive mindset of being unable to be SHOCKED by so many REVOLUTIONS(so-called) & this state of affairs must change by the concerted efforts of sincerely concerned people.
Clarity of thought and boldness of action are the need of the hour. Please avoid criticizing by pointing out exceptions that are taking place. See the grand general picture of day-to-day life of people & just see the serpent under the grass- false standards creeping in seditiously.

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