Sunday, March 21, 2010


Happy was I to walk in the early morn
Watching a brand new day being born.
The blades of grass crowned with glittering dew
Wore the diamond for but minutes few.

Ambling along the gorgeous lotus pond
Sparkling drops on the leaves made me fond
Of marveling at Nature's sheer wonder-
Gems rolling down when a frog moved under.

Joy and sunshine abound where children gather
Blowing glorious bubbles from soapy lather.
I stopped enthralled in childlike fantasy
But catching the floating magic was not easy.

It's bliss to be with my beloved,
Till the parting moment in me moved
A sweet ache to see a brilliant tear
Collect in her eye, hard anymore to bear.

Yes, I know what I ought to do-
Catch and keep the sparkle too-
Make her my own with a diamond ring
Heaven's choicest blessings on us to bring.


  1. Beautiful nga pp....noticing even the movement of the droplets of water on the lotus leaves when the frog moved under....
    your varnanai is so real.....beautifully written!


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