Friday, March 12, 2010

The cellphone

Like puranic Karna's kavasa kundala every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be 'born' with a cellphone! It is more like an appendage to his body than a gadget for communication! The sudden surge in the urge to stay connected is strange! Hard to believe and harder to understand! Each member in the family has one for his use. Just like watching television without the remote control had become impossible talking with members inside the house is beginning to be done through cellphone!Is it luxury of technology or just plain idiocy? Willing slaves we are becoming to our own inventions! Where is this madness leading us to? On the road we heed no danger as we drive with the instrument glued to the ear!Even rumours about brain tumour resulting from continuous proximity of instrument to the ear has done nothing to minimise the mania. Yes, the nation when it got the chance to talk has turned loquacious as never before!

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