Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Beach

On the beach I sit for hours entranced
Seeing how the world around me danced
A feast of cheerful sights and sounds
The spice of life's variety here abounds

Kids squealing in joyous laughter
The elders only happy to run after
Lovers are transported to paradise
The surroundings lost to their eyes

Friends gathered to forget their care
Breathing in the freshness of salty air
Fun and entertainment for all ages
Even fortune-telling parrots in cages

The kaleidoscopic scenes make me wonder
Making my harrowed mind cease to ponder
Lost in a state of blissful reverie
A magic eraser rubs my memory

I feel not the fine sand in my palm
Dripping through in celestial calm...


  1. wow pp nga.....:-)

    one does not feel the need to go to the sea side...can feel it all in one read of the above...loved the way u have not only described exactly as to what happens at the beach but even the joy that derives from feeling the sand drip from your palm......awesome awesome!!!!

  2. u r super duper nga!!

  3. How glad I am to find a friend of same taste!

  4. Very good poem. The flow is excellent like a flowing river and the style is simply awesome. Loved reading this.

  5. Wow! Beautifully written mam.This is how I feel whenever I go to beach,I stop thinking,just watch the waves.You can live in your own world in such places.
    Lakshmi Vaidyanathan


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