Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is the purpose of our life? -contd

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Path is one's life- daily life and longterm living years. What is one's capacity-in family and society. The path is in other words one's destiny. It is the walk of life ordained to me in this avatar on earth. The path may be straight and bright or dark and devious. It may take unexpected turns. Deserts and oases, lovely, fragrant woods, stormy rough terrains- all or some cross our path.

My path requires both immediate and long-term plans. A long journey is begun with one small step. Let me take my every step with confidence and hope. It is like a journey down the stream. Life without ambition is like a boat without rudder. We have to plan our life, our future, our family. Conscious effort is required for walking in our path.

The ultimate aim is to be happy- a good education and good job may be able to lead to that goal. But basically a feeling of content, no grumbling, no disgruntled mood is important as a torch shedding light on my path, making it worthwhile, enjoyable.

I cannot sit idle like ascetics in the woods doing penance. I go about my mundane duties according my age and capacity, do what is rightfully expected of me: if a student study well, if a father look after the family, if a teacher guide young minds into bright future, if a statesman plan for the progress of the country and so on.

For some the path is chosen by themselves, for others by their family and circumstances. Let me live my day to day life conscientiously, guiltlessly; get up with an eager spirit and go to sleep with a clear conscience. Try my best not to be perturbed when my plans are upset, when I'm faced with adverse consequences of my sincere efforts, when pestered by innumerous problems-physical, emotional, extraneous, internal. When this gift of poise and equanimity is cultivated the situation never goes out of control.

Little drops make mighty ocean- small days make a lifetime. Fill every small day with your maximum effort, sincerity and positive benevolence. Life has to be lived in seconds and years. these seconds and years make up the 'path'.


  1. Life is just a journey with series of experiences and if you are able to look at every event in your life as some kind of experience , to enrich your life there is no problem.I personally believe that I am responsible for all the things happening in my life good or bad and that way , I feel comfortable most of the time.


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