Thursday, February 28, 2013

Women – Burden or Backbone

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Women who are the burden – the chief theme – of all immortal poetry, epics, sagas and arts are the backbone of the family, society and country. Women are a feast to the five senses and are an object of perennial interest to the sixth sense.

Don’t the girls add colour and glitter to wherever they are? Charm and power  emanate from them. They are the sustaining force in our dreary, mundane life. Their contribution as humanity’s  mainstay is immense and indispensable. Let us see how.

‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’. Woman carries the future generation in her womb and guards it with proper nourishment. It is in her hands the future generation grows after it enters the world. Under her diligent care the future generation takes shape into a happy, healthy, enlightened adult.

Besides the maternal responsibility and accomplishment women have many more splendours to their credit. They have unsurpassed administrative skills. The day-to-day life runs on well-oiled wheels spreading a sense of calm and security all around.

It is a fact that there is a woman behind every successful man. Women help men in countless ways to achieve and prosper. Her uncanny judgement, accurate planning and timely persuasion have never failed to bear fruit.

Furthermore, she is an expert in making both ends meet even in the most dire situations. She juggles paise as an adept acrobat by making judicious savings with great forethought.

The power of the ‘kitchen cabinet’ can never be underestimated. Women’s shrewd calculations never go wrong. With women at the helm the family ship can navigate the roughest seas and weather the worst storms.

This being the truth what do we see and hear in reality? The Media unfolds everyday a sad tale of a desperate, ill-fated female. We seem to be living in an evil world where female foeticide, infanticide, abandoned female babes, dowry harassment and bride-burning are the order of the day.

How and when did these evils creep into our honourable society? How did people – both men and women – become selfish, stupid, short-sighted, callous criminals? Have they no idea about the havoc a drastically unbalanced sex-ratio can cause?

Just like we managed in the modern world to eradicate many diseases and illnesses let us vow to drive away these endemic vices. With a strong will and determination we shall set out to create an awareness that women are not a burden. Let us extend our full cooperation to government to enforce its judicious laws against these heinous crimes.

May the dense heads realize that a girl child is not a yoke on the neck but a special gift from God to make man stand up tall and proud! Yes, she is his backbone, definitely.

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