Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tatalivshortstory contest entry

IndiBlogger - The Indian Blogger Community The storm signals were unmistakable. The air was tense and charged. This is not how the house was used to be when he returned in the evening. He was clueless about the war mode his darling wife was adopting. No sweet smile. No kind greeting. Her eyes glared in rage.
After much coaxing and petting he made her open her mouth and regretted it the next moment! She spewed venom. Clearly the matter was grave and deserved deep investigation.
"We made everyone envious. We are couple made for each other," he persisted.

"Huh! Made for each other! I was a fool once to believe so. Not now, sir. Not after you showed your true colours as a tyrant tying me to a peg," she shot back relentlessly.

"I really don't remember ever standing your way! I showered you with love and gifts. Didn't I?"

"Yes, like feeding a caged parrot with fruits and nuts!" she added with vengeance.

"Was I ever displeased with you? Ever been angry with you?", his argument, not willing to give up.

"Not so long as I stayed within your eyesight and earshot! I must remain within your radar!" What spiteful words!

"Do you interpret my extreme concern for you as distrust?" he asked in shock.

"What? Did you say extreme concern for me? Sounds so loverly, dear sir! I am neither a damsel in distress nor you a gallant knight! What blah-blah!" she sniffed.

"Why do you refuse to believe what I say?" he in an agonised tone.

"Why? Because in my eyes you are an arrogant despot unwilling to release the reins!"
She said with finality.
"I'm leaving you. Do you think I can't survive alone?" she asked throwing her head back nonchalantly. “This is my decision: I shall spread my wings and fly where I want to. You shall not control me with your tall orders and admonitions about where I shall go and where not!"
“Are you seriously thinking of breaking the wedding vows we took together?" he asks in utter disbelief.

"Damn those wedding vows! Until death doth part us! Huh! Death shall part us if our paths do not part now, I swear!"

"Do you realise the meaning of what you are saying?" He could not believe his ears.

"Yes, I do. Your unjust restrictions suffocate me! The stifling slavery gives me sleepless nights and suicidal thoughts!"
"You have not specified what sparked off  this explosion!" He was still groping in the dark.

"Ah! Now you ask me! Why do you keep insisting on the area of my movement? Why? Why? Why don't you allow me to go freely to where I want? I hate your orders, 'don't go to that room, that hall, that shop, that corner ...'and so on. Why do you monitor my whereabouts?" The caged bird's agony, it was. The prison conditions she had suffered.

"Oh, my darling!" I impatiently burst out at last, "How scared I am about the consistent warfare mankind wages against us! I dread to think of you fainting fatally in the fumes they create, the coils they burn, the electric, electronic traps they use! They are armed with lethal weapons like electrically charged bats to deal deathly blows on us! Their war strategies are advancing with alarming alacrity! How can I remain undaunted by their deadly intent and cunning snares? How relentlessly I watch and survey areas of potential threat and hasten to warn you! My darling wife, why did you fail to understand my intention? My heart throbs for you and for you alone! How can you be unaware of my deepest concern for you? How wretched I feel to be so grossly misunderstood! A fool I have been in not having been more explicit! Will you forgive me, my sweetheart?"

"Oh. my God! How blind I have been to my darling hubby's boundless love! Sorry, my dearest, for not understanding your good intentions. Blessed am I to be locked in your choking embrace!" she cooed coyly.

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