Thursday, July 18, 2013

My first barbecue dinner!

IndiBlogger - The Indian Blogger Community Wanting to give me a different eating out experience my son took me to Barbecue Nation. 

My adventure started with iced tea which I have never tasted before. When I looked in shock at the large glass the youngsters pacified me saying I can take my own sweet time to finish it off, taking a sip in between the course. What I cannot understand was why it was not sweet!

Luckily I had a companion for vegetarian menu! We had different colour plates safegaurding us from the carnivores' feast! The ubiquitous tissue paper was absent! A neat cloth napkin was placed on our lap. 

A grill was placed in front of us and a variety of vegetables & panneer in rods were put on the grill. On the table were 6 cups of sauces in six colours with small brushes to apply on the barbecued items. The brushes were amusing to a country mouse like me! The baby corn, colour capsicums, potato, mushroom etc served were sizzling & tasted good enough with sufficient salt, pepper & oregano. Hence I desisted from experimenting with my painting skill by dipping into any of the cups. 

Roti & chutney too was good. Then we hastily bent down the flag kept on the table to stop the fast flow of barbecue supply & got up to forage into the buffet section.

The tomato soup was divine. It has taken nearly 4 decades' interval for me to taste a proper soup: the last time I had it served was at a lunch hosted by the American Embassy during a seminar in my PG days- with butter cubes & crunchy, yummy crotons.

I steered past noodles & macaroni. A big 'No' to them when I had better options before me! The teaspoonful each of elegant-looking rice & briyani found no favour with my palate, either!

Gifted(!) with a sweet tooth as Iwas, the dessert area was attractive to me. The content of the dainty earthen mug- baasanthi- was not up to my expectation: not sweet enough. The gulab jamuns were good. My grandson was heartily forking them down his throat one after another!

There was souffle- something I have not tasted before! The pineapple souffle was simply superb! The bitter chocolate sauce was not for me. The green, red jelly & nut, caramel garnishings are OK with me! I guiltlessly committed the sin of helping myself generously to the delicacy.

Icecream with nut toppings followed leaving no place in the tummy for the variety of cakes!

Voila, a sumptuous dinner to remember!


  1. Did you feel like Renga rao of "Kalyana sanyal saaDham"?:-)
    Whenever I go to any party,I get the feeling that my stomach is already full.So I ask my friends the best dish and taste only that.As a veggie my choices are limited in parties.:-(

    1. That was my favourite song from my favourite cinema of childhood! I did feel somewhat like Rao, let me confess! I also being a vegg know the limited scope we have. Actually I eat very little, only bites of everything much to the ridicule of my family members. In this ripe old age I am filled with childlike glee when the big family gets a chance to go tother to eat out!

  2. Rao and savithri are my mom's fav stars.she made us watch this movie,especially the marriage scene, very funny part of the movie.

    1. Oh! So your mother is my contemporary! I saw the movie about 3 times in the theatre, I think. Those 2 are favourite actors for all of us. That song where Kandasala and Leela sing alternately-dum dum kalyaanam- and esp. the words,
      thaali katta varuvaanaam kazuththai kaatti nippenaam' was most hilarious! savithiri's acting is simply superb! The movie is a classic in all aspects!

  3. The impact of these stars on you and your next generation also!


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