Sunday, April 4, 2010

More on the verdict

If the court had stopped with just passing the judgement about the legality of the wonderful person's wonderful statements one would have had nothing to complain besides silently concluding the corrupt levels of money power. But the court went beyond limits of propriety, responsibility and dignity by wantonly, flippantly teasing, deriding the complainants with atrocious quotes and posers. Just unpardonable. The court has a dignity to maintain as a wing of the large country's governing body. It cannot afford to cast such careless, irresponsible, indecent comments. Utterly unjustifiable and shameful! Just as another blogger had rightly pointed out we care least about the acts of C.Sundar's family- wife and daughters who might be advised to carry condoms in their school bags. I can never forget my anger when I read very long ago in Kumudam about Gavaskar's interview of what a responsible parents he and his wife were by placing condoms in the shelf of their teenage son.

The glitterati is taking the general public as easy target for their fun games as some of the participants in this thread are doing! This is a serious matter that is being discussed and perverse arguments cannot change the seriousness of the issue or daunt the concerned members- be they called talibans, moral police or samooga paathukaavalarkaL- to back away from their strong convictions by all such diverting, deliberate shooting at a tangent techniques.

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