Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The tablet

IndiBlogger - The Indian Blogger Community After a refreshing coffee I feel happy like a purring kitty and start my day with booting my desktop computer. I do my daily crossword puzzle in The Hindu and post my quota of answers in the thread dedicated to it and after checking my mail I move on to resuming my farming activities in the farmville game in facebook. In the chat window I send back emoticons to our one and only sweet granddaughter (son’s daughter living in another city) who sends hundreds of emoticons to me from her mother’s tablet while waiting for her school bus.  Our special way of conversing!!! (She repeats this pastime before going to bed!) Just then I am pleasantly interrupted by the sweet call from my tablet and hasten to receive the call from our daughter abroad.
 My hubby joins me and we have a nice chat with our daughter and her 2 little sons through facechat. The grandsons have time yet to go to bed while it is early for our breakfast. The grandsons play a few games like bowling, four-in-a-row, dots, chess etc. Time flies on wings as the games continue on the dining table proving our multitasking skills-eating our breakfast and playing online games with grandsons at the same time.
It is time to wish goodnight to the kids and turn to my aged mother who likes to listen to old golden melodies from the tablet. Household chores continue and after lunch and my beauty sleep evening rituals follow.
As the evening fades  my mother sits in front of the TV to watch her favourite serials and I in front of the computer to resume my farming game. My hubby before setting out for his evening stroll gets the TV ready on the channel my mother watches.
I must mention here that my interest and skill in the application of operating efficiency of the computer and TV are diametrically opposite! I do not go near the TV at all and it is my hubby’s sole property. Having Tatasky connection our TV needs 2 remotes to get starting. My ignorance in this area, my unwillingness to learn the nuances of tuning the TV do land me in straits during my mother’s occassional visits to my house. Her aged finger mistakenly presses a wrong button and alas the channel she is watching disappears! My knowledge of its settings being nil I call my hubby’s mobile and seek his help to restore the channel. He tries to make press this and that button all to no avail! Finally he is frustrated and snarls at me for finally breaking his TV. He ends the call saying he will look into it after he comes back.
It made me sad t see my mother missing her only real pastime-watching these serials. 80+ women are in the cruel clutches of these horrible soaps! Secondly it made me mad to be chided by hubby for killing his TV. So I call my intelligent, modern and techno-savvy daughter-in-law living in a far away city and confide my problem and ask her to help me get the channel back. She being not familiar with this brand of TV’s remote promptly asks me to show me the TV remote in tha tablet’s camera. With her shrewd advice I successfully get back the TV back to the serial which was being watched! (Woman to woman understanding and communicative skills are great is undebatable. And I have a good rapport with my dils!)
When hubby returns in a grumpy mood I smugly tell him I have ‘repaired’ his TV back to shape! He is immensely relieved. Serves him right to have a few tense minutes for underestimating the skills of his womenfolk!
Before retiring to bed daughter and her kids come back again on the tablet fresh after a good night’s sleep to say a cheery hi before starting to leave for school. And we go to bed with content and peace of mind. It is fun to keep abreast of technology and to learn to operate these new gadgets like a tablet. It is not a luxury but a necessity! It has made distances nothing, it comes to our aid when in trouble, gives entertainment any time anywhere! Reducing the gadget’s weight, size will go a great way in making it more handy and popular. In a small world tablet is a big blessing!

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