Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is it a Curse Being a Woman?

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Being a female is not a curse. No, never. Our vernacular poet in Tamil sings it is a great blessing to be born a female.

The first thing to be understood is that male and female are two different categories completely different in biology, hormonal behaviour, emotional reaction, mental reasoning and psychology. They are two complementary parts. Together they a beautiful, meaningful whole. There are many aspects in both which are equally precious and admirable.

By nature the female is weaker than the male, in muscle, strength and stamina. Being designed physically to bear children and nurture them a correct assessment of her role and importance in society is necessary.

Down the ages of human history there have been periods of matriarchal supremacy in governance. Then chauvnistic males took over and are maintaining their supremacy. Crude methods of slavery, denying education, enlightenment and freedom have been used by them for many many centuries. The mindset of males is caught in a groove. In course of time the renaissance of the industrialised world has emancipated the unenlightened woman from her prison of darkness.

Legally, practically it has become an established fact that women have equal rights. But in execution it is not found easy to establish. Many males grudge to give the female her right acknowledgement. A false ego complex prevents smooth running of matters inside and outside the home.

If the male is at fault in many a situation I cannot hide the fact that the woman overshoots in misguided ambition. There are clearly two sets of womanly and unwomanly aspirations, accomplishments and achievements! She is well advised to tread only the paths suitable for her inherent equipment. The roles are different but not superior or inferior.
When this fact is understood there can be no confusion about whether it is a curse or blessing to be a female. The wicked practices against women are to be eradicated and women obtain their place of honour as copilots in the journey of human life.

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