Saturday, November 27, 2010

After sixty!

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Let me share my musings on my turning 62 today. I feel at sixty time circle closes and I began travelling back! Yes. This is my second childhood! I can find it true in many revelations: a carefree state of mind, no unnecessary worrying over this and that, increased desire to spend time in playing games(thrilled to find such a vast scope online- my grandchildren initiated me into them!), love for innocent pleasures like sweets, icecreams, snacks etc, pleasure in watching birds and flowers and pure naivety. Grudges are forgotten soon and daily life is becoming filled with very simple joys like enjoying a sudoku or crossword puzzle, watching children playing round, listening to the gentle patter of raindrops and satisfactory outcome of cooking each dish! In spite of childish bouts of ill temper and impulsive behaviour there certainly is a childlike glee in flying hither and thither like a little bird. No specific goals to achieve, no unfilled mission to lose sleep on- in short the yoke of life feels lighter. Is this state of aloofness the 'vanaprastham' spoken of by sages? Whatever it is let life roll on at this same pace and come to a peaceful end!

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