Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What is the purpose of our life?

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Perhaps all lives are links of a giant chain that is eternal. Or pieces of a puzzle like a child's which when assembled correctly gives a clear picture. There definitely must be some meaning, some purpose for each person's being on this earth for some predestined period.

Does that purpose make the person happy, those around him happy or those who might come long after happy is a secret deeply shrouded in mystery. Death though a foregone conclusion occurs at most unexpected, odd periods in life: newborns are dying, school children in an accident, a young lady dies in 'honour-killing'(an utter shame!), diseased, disabled sufferers find no respite of death coming their way. It is very weird.

The happenings in one's life may for all purposes look like a meaningless modern art paiting; the blabbering of a madman; the ridiculous imaginations of frenzied minds. But there is some meaning/purpose in one's life- its every moment, every event: a chain reaction takes place changing minutely and immensely the state of oneself and those around.

Some cruel losses of life of dear and near ones are utterly inexplicable, incomprehensible to our simple mind. Some events we realise soon or some time later, or many years after, had taken place for the purpose of this or that reason. Some events never get solved. BUT - I want to underline this word- there is some benevolent design, overall pattern, a beautiful picture behind all that happens on this earth- yes, even the cruel honour-killing of a young maiden! It is called PROVIDENCE.

I have a strong faith in Providence, the divine working out of our lives, our paths and our fates: whatever happens is for the good of us eventually- yes, even the sad, sorrowful events. There are many parables to explain this theory. Believing this philosophy of life gives one a sense of acceptance which is the foundation for permanent peace of mind and bliss.

Sages do penance in wild woods, in snowy hills to get the knowledge of the purpose of life! But ordinary moratls trudge on, experiencing the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows with normal reactions. The question about the purpose of life does pop up in one's mind especially in times of frustration and helplessness, when feeling drained and with no will to pull on any longer.

In a strange analogy I wish to quote Frost's lines of finding the woods lovely but no time to stop and admire, miles to go before going to sleep. Like that when one sinks into this preoccupation with purpose of life it is wise to get over that mood and start living our mundane lives with renewed faith in Providence.

The essence of Lord Krishna's Gita is to do duty without expecting returns for it. Gita also shows the beautiful perspective of life: whatever that happened happened well, whatever that is happening is happening well and whatever that will happen will happen well. This implicit faith will carry us safely through this life of trials and tribulations, of mysteries and paradoxes, of virtues and vices.

It is my golden policy not to bother with unnecessary meditaions over purpose of life but pursue our path with diligence and poise and joie-de-vivre.


  1. I strongly believe that we have to assume responsibility for whatever happens in our lives since nothing comes without reason.This attitude of assuming responsibility has helped me to sail through life's vagaries in a positive way.


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