Sunday, March 7, 2010


Words are weird things. they work wonders like a magician's wand. They teach tact; they preach principles; they reach the remotest corners. They caress like downy feather.
Words are at times like swords- they offend; they defend. At once the weapon and the shield. They have an edge, a cutting edge.
Words are a powerful tool in an orator's hand to bend the mind of a crowd; after Caesar's death Brutus weilded words to convince the mass successfully. The same mass somersaulted when Antony's eloquence prevailed upon it. A classic Shakespearean example of what persuasive powers words can have.
Words are bridges to span impassable passes of differences. words are like thebrilliant strokes on a painter's canvas. They bring out the deepest shades of the most unfathomable emotions. they scale the most precipitous heights of imagination.
They can sparkle with wit, sting with sarcasm, sing with cadence and weave kaleidoscopic patterns of all grammatical and ungrammatical, poetic and prosaic possibilities. Are of infinite variety, undefined dignity and indefatigable verve. Can build a surprising strata of unsuspected nuances. Words are the keys to open the gates of the worlds of fact and fantasy.
Unbelievably paradoxical in character- sure bets as both barbs and balms. Unspoken words are at times more explicit than volumes of verbosity. At the same time words not spoken at the correct moment are dangerously damaging.
Words can be traps. Can also give refuge. Can be used as feelers in sensitive zones of human interaction. They can embarrass by tying the tongue. they can enthral by cascading - outpacing the speeding thoughts and imagery of a literary genius.

Words have power to make and break. Can cheat the gullible. Can beat the cynical. Can save the respectful. Bite them, chew them, eat them. Drawl them, relish them.
Humming and hawing, couching insinuations of myriad shades, revealing and exposing, secretive and seductive, charging themselves with all charms of man's best communication strategy parade words the world over.

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