Friday, March 12, 2010

Reading habit

After middle school I switched over to matriculation instead of going on to SSLC. The foreign nun who was at the helm of affairs was the one who instilled the reading habit in me. We had a library hour and were allowed to borrow a book from a neat, little library. I got acquainted with Enid Blyton and instantly fell in love with author. I read voraciously like an addict. At one stage my mentor nun admonished me, ‘you are too old to read Enid Blyton, begin reading something more adult in content to know the world better. But my first love remains alive till today. Perhaps that is why the child in me still remains in the same stage!!! I improved my vocabulary, spoken English all because of my introduction to Enid Blyton. Later I wandered towards Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, Erle Stanley Gardner and P.G.Wodehouse. Being a student of English literature I conscientiously read all the bulky novels prescribed for the novel paper in PG course- one of friends declared I must be the only student who did that, all students getting the synopsis of each book for the exam purpose! My mom’s very descriptive comment is a book to me is like the chain for the temple elephant, never parting with it wherever it went.
Life took a busy turn after marriage, children and transfers leaving little time for serious reading. Then when the children grew up the next session of serious reading began with authors like Robin Cook, Michael Christen, Dan Brown and so on.
With advancing years reading pleasure slightly tends to take a back seat giving place to easy internet word games!!!

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