Friday, March 12, 2010

Our woes

The glitterati are too busy making money as are the corrupt politicians. The MEDIA is soulless, purposeless, principleless People are content with their pay packets & mega serials. Too much indifference in society to sensitive issues. Utter selfishness stands in the way of true progress of the country & the eradication of social evils.
The craze for the pleasures of the flesh & the power of MONEY are reaching a peak all over the world. The result of consumerism-promotion tendency.
Sometime back read about "mixed couples" fashion spreading in metros. A scintillating theme for Hollywood & Bollywood this nauseating "wife-swapping" practice is gaining popularity. Where is the world heading?
The concept of individual freedom, "none of your business, whatever I do" is mind-boggling, How much is legal, moral, communal involvement/relevance found in such "free behaviours"? How much can we afford to be "free" in societal, political life to do what we "like"?

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