Monday, March 15, 2010

On danger’s brink

Green earth’s Day is today
To pledge to stop its decay
To stop a minute to think
Of being on danger’s brink

Having eliminated many a link
Food chain doth in adversity sink
Waters poisoned with hazardous wastes
Nonbiodegradable garbage, new mountains
Uncontrolled gases from modern comforts
Put globe’s roof in warming discomforts

Denuded forests disturbing wild life
Goad natural forces into horrid strife
Genetic engineering a Frankenstein’s toy
Waits to wipe out eventually people’s joy
Laboratories are hiding horrors unborn
Purpose and ethics from research are torn.

New is an evolution unknown to Darwin
A metamorphosis undreamt of by Freud
The roaring lions are now meowing
The cackling hens are here crowing
After atomic and chemical weapon
Humanity’s latest threat in motion!

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