Saturday, March 13, 2010

An issue

The issue of having an issue is intricately wound round many primal instincts and nurtured by social customs. In our country where “living together” has not taken root yet, where we still trade woman WITH cash and chattel in marriage business, where we widely avail the service of “matrimonial ads” angling for tall, fair brides and software engineers in MNC’s, marriage is a big issue in the first place. Next, the first question asked by anyone meeting the bride a few days after marriage is “any special news?”( in Tamil “Ethaavathu vishEshamuNdaa?).
Having an offspring in hands at the completion of ten months after marriage is the best risk-free, care-free choice and luck of many couples. Crossing this time limit start the persistent queries from any and everybody. We are not a “sensitive” people to consider this potential matter a private issue. After all it is pure, genuine concern about progeny- the ultimate aim of marriage. Whether we like it or not “to grow and multiply” is the design of Nature. It is an inborn urge. Thus it is an understandable matter how the pressure mounts for issueless couples.
In bygone days adoption was the only choice and as science and technology have grown, multiple choices are made available for the couples who feel they must have an issue by all means. (We shall not forget that some couples decide to live for each other, without resorting to any method to prolong the family line.) It would differ depending on the temperament, the wealthy position and exposure to broadminded ideas of the individuals concerned.
The very natural, undebatable desire of all parents-to-be is to have children who mirror them in looks and characteristics. The whole family and community supports this basic desire. “It runs in the family” is something to take pride in. These fundamental, primal instincts cant be helped. So nowadays issueless couples if they can afford it resort to surrogacy, yielding to a compulsive, primal instinct.

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