Friday, March 12, 2010


In Ananda Vikatan, the popular writer, S.Ramakrishnan said in his column,
"EraaLamaana peNkaL thangkaL kalvith thakuthiyai maRanthu, samayalaRaikaLil uppu, puLi, miLakaayOdu odungkiyirukkiRaarkaL"
Somehow such a statement makes me uncontrollably angry & sad at once. In the name of pseudo liberation/emancipation/empowerment/enlightenment the fair sex is pathetically, tragically misled to mismanaging their priorities. Where else do they get wrong signals to lose their correct sense of life & happiness other than from such 'sympathisers'? What is it you call achievement? Pay packets? What if you get your husband's to spend as you wish? A woman at home is a whole cabinet of parliamentary ministers, governing ALL the departments. Women can excel in everything whereas men have limitations...there are many things they just can't do, visualise or manipulate! With such inborn, inherent ingenuity & naturally endowed powers to shape & keep warm a nest, making meaningful life for herself & her spouse where does the necessity rise to prove her mettle neglecting her vital role from the home!
My grandfathers were emperors & grandmothers were empresses ruling parelle kingdoms most efficiently, complementing their efforts for the welfare of the whole family. the emergence of nucleus families does not call for change of roles. The home, the children, the quality of life/existence of a career woman & a homemaker definitely differ vastly! You choose what you want, what you think is important. Priorities are shifting. Truths are not.

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