Friday, March 12, 2010

How? Why?

Women in our country have been brought up on modest dress code. It is a scientifically believable fact that different climes make people react differently to sensual enticements. A hotter country like India with the air strong with exotic fragrances men’s senses are easily excited, aroused to desire. So our forefathers wanted to prevent moral chaos consequent to unbridled passion by advocating women to dress with modesty. In order to help men handle the riot of hormones better women were recommended to show responsibility by not dressing provocatively.
In this age of global communication and easy access to various cultures and fashions of the world men of our country especially the youth need to be educated and guided about their reactions to and respect for the opposite sex. A powerful tool we have to serve this purpose- the MEDIA which is also the root cause for all that is horrid happening to women.
How do the sexual maniacs get perverted, what makes them unleash their wickedness on hapless girls and women in their vicinity? If no woman or girl in real life, in the day-to-day encounters dresses provocatively, who does?
The answer is clear as writing on the wall. The model girls in advertisements, the ramp shows/beauty pageants, in cinema, in the small screen offer an unstinting feast of flesh and skin. All for making money- the business houses and the exposing girls.
Today’s adolescent boys and pervert, sensuous male adults are greatly aroused by what they see in the printed media and visual media. The titillation for many must find consummation. Who are the easy victims, who fall prey inescapably? “They are mostly maidservants, migrant labourers, and those who are under-privileged and cannot protest.”
Somebody commits a wrong, somebody else pays the price. Violence against women can hope to get mitigated only when the MEDIA stops pandering to the male hormones as it is doing now with gay abandon.
Sari gets its dignity from its wearer's sense of propriety. Bollywood girls wear it, People like Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi also wear it. The same sari definitely gets different tones in both instances. When an educational institution which has the main duty of shaping a student's personality into a dignified, educated, accountable citizen could not have Bollywood style in mind; only the decent sort known to our mothers & grandmothers. Provocative tops & jeans with 'superb' slogans cannot but be signs of perversity & waywardness. A college campus need not be the playground for such "adventures". Don't tell me there is no way to be youthfully happy without resorting to debauchery. What respect gets the professor when the brats exchange pornographic matters on cellphones across the desks? What is he paid for? To teach a batch of eager students or to preach to a bunch of rogues? There must be a lot of innocent, serious-minded aspiring students being disturbed by the raucous, spoilt brats who are the blacksheep among them.All modern inventions like cellphones & internet are all abused beyond imagination bringing woe to the welfare of future generations. Challenging the powers to be to stop the utterly obscene, vulgar, tasteless stuff reeled by the silver screen? All my support to an attempt to clean up the college campuses of utter trash, rubbish & rot.
Precosity, it is to be noted, is remarkably a very prominent 'attribute' of today's kids.When a dam develops a leak judiciously all endeavours are taken to plug it not watch it take its course.

When an epidemic breaks out remedial measures are taken on a war footing.
I fully agree it is the parents who have lost all sense of values. It is the parents who allow their tots to do vulgar dance numbers at school functions; I read a teeager confessing to sneaking out a pornographic CD from his mother's handbag; parenting is such a bore today-why bother with it; today's youth get no guidance either from the parents or the world outside dominated by MEDIA. No wonder commitments of marriage & parenthood are becoming a burden with temptation increasing for modern lifestyles of living-together, adopting a child, surrogate motherhood etc. MONEY is the only goal, and all the pleasures it can bring. Unrestrained indulgence in carnal pleasures is the bane of the present times. Babies are looked after in creche, the elders in old age homes, teens have a riotous time in educational campuses with people in twenties and thirties weighing questions of marraige & parenthood with utterly selfish, sensual priorities.
With such a state of affairs found around us, is it not wise to think about setting things right for the future generations, future of a country? We must start somewhere. Greed of MEDIA on the one hand & the independent, debauch young people settling down in life on the other hand are making it a tough job for anyone who wants to keep a sense of values alive.
For a country so vast, with a population of an alarming size and a relatively young history...If only corruption in politics could be brought under check..Under the stewardship of enthusiastic leaders like Kalam the youth can easily take the country to the top of the world. But look at all the negative forces working on the environment of today's youth in rural & urban areas through the ubiquitous MEDIA! With enough motivation, encouragement & proper guidance both the rural & urban masses can be cajoled to do wonderfully well in the world arena. What we elect is what we get. Should we not be more careful?

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